The Importance of Senior Pet Screenings

We all love our aging pet companions. Those white-faced dogs and scruffy old cats always pull on our heart strings. Unfortunately, as our pets grow older, their risk of disease also increases. Endocrine (hormone) diseases such as diabetes mellitus, Canine Cushing’s Syndrome, and Feline Hyperthyroidism are commonly diagnosed in the aging pet population. Arthritis, liver disease, chronic kidney disease and even cancer are also common types of ailments that plague older cats and dogs. Luckily we can detect many of these conditions in the early stages of disease and increase the likelihood that treatment will improve your pet’s quality of life.

For your senior pets, the doctors at Elm Creek Animal Hospital recommend annual physical exams, testing to rule out common infectious diseases (parasitic and tick-borne), and comprehensive blood work (complete blood count, general chemistry profile and a urinalysis). Based on the physical exam and initial lab work findings your doctor may recommend chest x-rays or an abdominal ultrasound to rule out additional concerns. Running these tests is important to help identify potential problems and provide the best treatment plan for your loved four-legged companion.

Please ask you Elm Creek Animal Hospital doctor for his or her recommendations that are tailored for your senior pet. We can provide the answers you seek and we will work together to keep your pets healthy.

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