As part of our commitment to provide the most comprehensive care possible, Elm Creek Animal Hospital is pleased to offer veterinary acupuncture and laser therapy to better serve the needs of our patients.  Dr. Jennifer Blum completed her medical acupuncture certification though Colorado State University in 2013, and is very excited to bring acupuncture and laser treatment therapies to Elm Creek Animal Hospital.

Acupuncture involves the insertion and manipulation of very thin, sterile needles into the skin to alter nerve function and improve blood flow. This technique produces positive local and general health benefits for patients receiving the treatments.  Most pets tolerate acupuncture very well, and are not sedated for the treatment.  Once the needles are placed, many pets will relax or even fall asleep.

Acupuncture and laser therapy sessions can be used to naturally treat a multitude of common illnesses, ailments, and injuries including, but not limited to:

– Arthritis
– Neurologic conditions including: urinary and fecal incontinence, weakness and paralysis
– Pain and inflammation from surgery
– Muscle soreness in geriatric pets
– Cancer side effects such as nausea, anorexia and vomiting
– Back pain or “slipped disc”
– Inflammatory bowel disease
– Feline urinary tract disease
– Kidney disease
– Constipation
– Behavior Problems

The number of treatments depends on the condition and problems that we are treating and the severity of the disease.  Sometimes just one or two treatments are enough but chronic conditions like arthritis may require lifelong therapy.  Most chronic treatment plans start once to twice weekly for 4-6 weeks, then maintained every 2 to eight weeks depending how the patient has responded to therapy.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy treatment works by using photons of light to penetrate deep into tissues.  These light waves are absorbed into cells which then release a chemical response to help reduce pain and inflammation.  Laser therapy is safe, non-invasive and pain free, and is most commonly used in combination with other treatment programs to improve results and speed recovery.

Specifically, laser therapy is often used to:
– Reduce pain and discomfort post-surgical at the incision site, after dental extractions, and to help alleviate pain from chronic arthritis
– Improve wound healing time
– Increase joint mobility
– Reduce swelling associated with sprains and strains

If your pet is suffering from a chronic medical condition, has sustained injuries or has been suffering from pain, we encourage you to discuss our alternative medicine options that may provide relief for you and your pet.