Elm Creek Animal Hospital is pleased to offer state-of-the-art digital X-ray processing units for both dental and full-body radiographs (“x-rays”)!

Digital radiography provides a great number of benefits for a veterinary practice and its patients. Images are obtained much more quickly, with greater accuracy, they require less exposure to x-rays, are much more easily shared with other veterinarians, and provide superior results in comparison to traditional film radiographs.

Literally hours of time are saved every week by our digital processor since we bypass the chemical processing step that is necessary when taking radiographs on film. Since digital X-rays are so fast your pet spends less time under anesthesia during professional dental cleanings and other procedures requiring sedation and/or anesthetics. This time savings allows us to obtain radiographic images of every tooth with all dental procedures.

Sharing radiographs is important when seeking specialist consultations. Digital files make this a snap, providing critical information more quickly in emergency cases.

One of the greatest benefits of digital radiography is the increased safety it provides for patients and staff members alike. Less radiation is used to produce a digital image than is used in producing an X-ray image on traditional film. Less exposure to radiation translates to a safer experience for our patients and a less hazardous work environment for our staff. Since our digital processor allows us to skip the chemical processing step that is a necessary part of developing X-rays on film, there is a huge reduction in chemical usage and hazardous material waste. This means that digital X-rays are not only safer for our patients and our staff, but also for our natural environment as well.

Digital X-ray gives us an image quality far superior to traditional film. The diagnostic power of digital X-ray allows us to discover disease sooner and identify problems with greater accuracy. With digital X-ray, we now have the ability to apply special image processing techniques that can enhance the overall display of the image. This means that our doctors can review X-ray images with our clients and show and explain their findings with greater ease. In addition to this great benefit, all of the digital X-rays taken at Elm Creek Animal Hospital are initially reviewed by our doctors, and then again by a board certified radiologist. That’s a great value for our clients!

We are proud to be able to offer digital X-ray services to our clients! So, next time your canine or feline companion needs to have an X-ray done, rest assured that we offer nothing but the best!